artegiro is not a gallery.

* artegiro is about contemporary international art.   it is an ongoing kunstverein, a creative project, a nomadic and itinerant concept created by renata summo-o'connell. without a fixed base, artegiro creates events to engage with art and artists.  far from being a container, artegiro is a conceptual and curatorial partner.  

* artegiro plays with the Italian word 'giro', which means many things: from turn to tour, from journey to walk, from round to a group of friends.  all itinerant and playful icons celebrating the role of exchange, transposition and displacement in art as in life.  

* artegiro is an offspring of ailae, a non profit organization started in 2008 with the huge dream to promote and establish a strong relationship between european countries especially at cultural and artistic levels.  like ailae, artegiro is equally interested in the role that european culture plays in the world especially in its relationship with the regions of historic European migration.  artegiro proposes a business model that adheres to the european business ethics network standards.


 artegiro non è una galleria.

* artegiro si occupa di arte contemporanea internazionale.   il progetto e' un continuo kunstverein, un progetto creativo, un concetto itinerante e nomadico del discorso artistico creato da renata summo-o'connell.   senza una base fissa, artegiro crea infatti eventi per interagire con l'arte e gli artisti. lontano dal ruolo di contenitore, artegiro e' un partner concettuale e curatoriale.   

* artegiro gioca con la parola italiana "giro", che nella lingua italiana ha molti significati da viaggio a passeggiata, da circolo a un gruppo di amici.   tutte icone itineranti e giocose che celebrano il ruolo che lo scambio, la trasposizione e lo spiazzamento hanno nella vita.   

* artegiro è emersa dall'ailae, un'organizzazione non profit  fondata nel 2008 con il grande sogno di promuovere e stabilire una forte relazione tra paesi europei specialmente a livello culturale e artistico. come l'ailae, artegiro è ugualmente interessata al ruolo che la cultura europea gioca nel mondo specialmente in rapporto alle regioni meta storica dell'emigrazione europea. artegiro aderisce all'etica in business proposta dall'EBEN ( european business ethics network).

a bit of history

artegiro contemporary art was started by renata summo o'connell in 2010. a natural development of her critical and curatorial research, artegiro is an open proposal, a project rather than a container, which has evolved well beyond her initial program. 

artegiro proposes to artists, curators, critics and the wide audience of art lovers to reflect together around issues that are relevant to art in our time, chiefly the relationship between art and society. artegiro thus runs a residency, art forums and publications with this principal aim in mind. 

in 2010 artegiro contemporary art opened to the public the exhibition and events space in montefiascone (vt), in central italy. in 2016, renata founded the COCOAA project in collaboration with the conzano town council. currently all projects continue offering a rich program of forums, exhibitions, research and publication projects. in 2017 renata has formed the HUCO collective ( Human Collective) together with photographer giulio rimondi, writer bruno arpaia and composer lazzaro ciccolella.
renata summo-o’connell | renata has studied and worked in italy switzerland and australia for fifteen years in the fields of sociolinguistics and gender studies. she continues her study and writing in the areas of women artists, language and society.    in 2007 renata launched the imagined australia international research project after having founded the international organization AILAE with cofounders roberta trapè and damien j.o'connell.  her background in aesthetics, sociolinguistics and gender studies directs her effort to develop new models of transnational research, which beyond institutional boundaries, may effectively further international debates and engage in creative projects on artistic and cultural levels.  
in 2010 for this reason, renata started artegiro contemporary art as a think tank on one hand and a productive hub on the other, a hub for artists, curators, art writers and people who wish to investigate artistic expression, who are intrigued by the relationshipo between art and society, who appreciate the complexity of art in postcolonial countries, who question the current state in which art markets especially have confined art and artists.


  image: walk beside me, sculpture series by regula zwicky ( 2015)